Little Evil

  Feature Film – 1st Assistant Editor

Midnight Sun

Feature Film – 1st Assistant Editor Directed by Scott Speer Edited by Tia Nolan, ACE

How To Be Single

Feature Film – Second Assistant Editor Directed by Christian Ditter Edited by Tia Nolan, ACE


Feature Film – Apprentice Editor Directed by Robert Letterman Edited by Jim May, ACE

Last Days in Vietnam

Feature Documentary – Assistant Editor Directed by Rory Kennedy Edited by Yaffa Lerea, Don Klezy Premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2014 Nominated for …

Nine to Ninety

Short Film – Assistant Editor Directed by Alicia Dwyer Edited by Kate Amend, ACE Premiered at Hot Docs Film Festival 2013


Feature Documentary – Assistant / Additional Editor Directed by Sara Terry Edited by Kate Amend, ACE